Below you can find the documented array of conventions adopted in BMaps such that no one must intuit them.

Tool Tips

Tool tips are embedded information that appears when you hover (for a few seconds) over almost any number, label, icon, or atom in BMaps. These gems of information are everywhere!

Process Gears

Gears in the upper right corner of the BMaps App show the status of the current session as either idle or busy. For longer tasks that haven't been submitted to a job queue, the system will let you know it is busy by displaying goldenrod gears. When it is ready to complete another task (idle) it will display as green.

System Idle:   

System Busy: 


Greyed Out Options

Like many other programs, certain features may not be applicable to every system you are exploring. The BMaps App helps indicate this by greying out options when features are not applicable or unavailable.