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A web application for drug design, empowering early stage drug discovery.

Boltzmann Maps provides you, a drug researcher, with tools to design and prioritize small molecules in pre-clinical drug discovery. You identify candidates by visualizing how and why compounds interact with target proteins, and by exploring suggested compound modifications derived from chemical fragment binding maps. The result is higher affinity and more selective compounds that specifically exploit details of binding sites of a particular protein. Boltzmann Maps is low-cost, easy-to-learn, and available everywhere via the Web. Our mission is to enable you to progress novel, high-quality New Chemical Entities to the clinic, faster.

Services to provide insights about your compounds:

  • Select and visualize a protein of interest to you from 100’s available with pre-computed water maps and chemical fragment maps, or download from the Protein Databank.
  • Understand why ligands are binding by viewing energy highlights and where tightly-bound water molecules are located, with binding ranked by free energy.
  • Drag-and-drop or draw your compounds, automatically aligned to an existing ligand or docked with a single click.
  • Explore and evaluate compound modifications to improve affinity or other properties by clicking on R-groups to grow/replace using fragment maps, or draw your own ideas.
  • Export your chemistry ideas to other tools such as ChemDraw, web services such as CDD Vault, or as pictures to paste into documents or presentations.

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